Experiencing Inertia and Uncertainty in Starting and Growing Your Business?

Starting and growing a company isn’t a paint-by-numbers endeavor that happens at the speed of light if you just hustle. High growth success isn’t that simple, that fast, or that smooth of a ride. The Hockey Stick Principles shows you how to navigate each stage of growth — especially The Blade Years — why challenges arise, how to solve them, and how to move through each stage more smoothly.

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Is hockey stick growth feasible?

Take a look at these startups' revenue growth charts. The companies are different sizes and from a wide range of industries, yet their revenue growth follows a predictable pattern. In my study of 172 startups, all but eleven companies had hockey stick-shaped growth curves. As a startup entrepreneur, you should aim for hockey-stick growth and also be aware of the challenges presented at each stage.

Don’t worry about hockey stick projections' naysayers

Founders showing off a slide deck of optimistic forecasts to prospective investors have done a disservice to the hockey stick metaphor, and plenty of industry pundits have maligned it unfairly (Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Feld Thoughts). But my study shows that a hockey-stick growth pattern for innovative startups is real, and that aiming for hockey-stick growth, while being aware of the predictable stages of growth, is exactly what successful entrepreneurs should do.


Kudos for The Hockey Stick Principles

Bobby Martin

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I have cofounded two startups with hockey stick revenue growth: First Research (1999) and Vertical IQ (2011). First Research was sold to D&B in 2007. I’m also an angel investor but lately I’ve been obsessed with studying how good ideas become successful companies.

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