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1-Minute Rant: “Play Something I Can Win!”

Discovering sales and marketing success is about incessantly trying different techniques. Otherwise, how will you know which processes will work best? Read More

Six Attributes of Explosive Growth Startups

A common growth path for most successful startups is taking five years to grow their revenue from zero to one million—and then growing 10-20 percent annually thereafter. A solid result, but certainly not an explosive growth result. Their founders begin to bang their heads against the wall wondering: “My company is successful, but why isn’t it hugely successful? Where’s the explosive growth?” Read More

Four Reasons Every Startup Should Hire College Interns

NATIONAL LAMPOONS ANIMAL HOUSE, John Belushi, 1978. ©Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection


We have entered a golden era for finding part-time and contract workers! Throughout my years of starting companies, I’ve had the most luck hiring interns. They have offered a higher return on investment than any other investment I’ve made. Read More

1-Minute Rant: “The Blade Years”

Successful startups experience four stages of growth. The most fascinating stage that is the least attractive and most crucial is “The Blade Years”; the first three years when revenue and growth are low. Read More

Don’t Run Your Startup Like The Dean’s Office



My father, who for 50 years has worked as a mathematician at N.C. State, recently exclaimed, “When I arrived at N.C. State, the dean’s office was comprised of the dean, a secretary, and a part-time associate dean–and that’s it. Read More

Cold Calling Works; I’m Just Sayin’



Cold calling is out of vogue – basically uncool. Marketing and startup pundits bash cold calling as a waste of time and “pushy.” Instead, they say you should pursue partnerships, content marketing, public relations, social media, request referrals, or other cool methods. (By the way, content marketing is really cool!) Read More

1-Minute Rant: “Get a Life, Get a Hobby”

I would consider myself a pretty passionate person, especially when it comes to things I enjoy. I am passionate about my startups, my family, hiking, fishing and especially tennis. Read More

1-Minute Rant: “How to Mold Your ‘How?'”

As a startup founder, having the opportunity to answer the “HOW?” questions in a way that is specific to the founder’s personality and uniqueness is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of the startup journey. Read More

The “How?” is the Hardest Part


Musician Tom Petty reminds us that “the waiting is the hardest part.” Here is how he went about writing this song that became such a classic with a sharp lesson.

But in entrepreneurship, the waiting isn’t the hardest part; it’s the “how?” that’s the hardest. Read More

Sign ME up for Stellar Sitters


While speaking to a group of university business students about entrepreneurship, I described four entrepreneurs. Three started fast-growing, innovative firms worth millions. The other was Amanda Bordeaux, founder of Stellar Sitters that connects babysitters with parents.

Read More