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A collection of free resources for entrepreneurs and advice for start-ups.


Revenue Growth Study

The Hockey Stick Research Project is a quantitative analysis of 172 successful start-ups of all types. The study investigates questions such as: How much revenue does the typical successful start-up produce each year after inception? How fast does its revenue grow? How much investment do they raise to get started? How much faster do firms […]


Four Biggest Myths About Achieving Takeoff

Download my free guide, and learn: Why you should spend more time reality-testing your business model than raising capital. Commitment to your business is one key factor that makes up the success stories. Pivots are overrated, tweaks are less costly and more effective. When your company is growing, you should focus your attention on existing […]

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How Accelerators Work

Founder of Techstars David Cohen shares what it really takes to be selected into a accelerator and much, much more.


How to Market Your Startup

David has run marketing for four success startups and has helped dozens of others as a consultant. Here, he offers practical tips for knowing your customer, gorilla marketing techniques, and how to get the most bang or for your buck.


How Venture Capital Works

Venture Capitalist veteran David Jones reviewed 962 deals last year, and closed 3 of them. Learn how to be one of the three winners in this riveting interview with one. smart. guy.

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How Startup Law Works

You are an entrepreneur, not a lawyer. Lawyers are expensive so here is some free advice from Byron Kirkland, the smartest corporate lawyer I know who represented me when I sold my company to Fortune 500 company D&B.

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Video: Start-Up Tips

In this 9 minute overview, I discuss a wide range of startup challenges including the possible outcomes after the sale of your company, the advantages of building a minimum value product, and the pros and cons of product licensing.